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About Us

About Us

Who is Elka construction inc.? Elka construction inc. was founded by Toni and Elia Kaleh in 2017. The company was established by a father and son who are both highly qualified in the field of construction. Mainly operating with heavy duty machinery, we provide services through grading, demolition, underground, and any heavy-duty work. Both immigrants from Lebanon, they worked tirelessly to dedicate their craft in construction by providing excellent professional standards and high-quality work for their customers. Started with nothing, they eventually added a numerous amount of heavy machinery to their family. Dozers, excavators, skid steers, loaders, sheep’s foot compactors, skip loaders, mini excavators, etc. They built an empire from just two pairs of hands and a mindset to put a mark on the construction world. By choosing Elka construction inc. for your jobs you should be assured that every job is handled with high-quality work, care, safety, precision, and standards fit for construction practices.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to eventually employ a fleet of employees by creating jobs for those that are interested in construction. We work hard so that our name can be known in the construction world. Our vision is to seek more than just work with heavy equipment; we work closely with all our sub-contractors to make sure every part of the job is done with accuracy. If we could better our community with our professionalism than we are on the right path to a better future.